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Divjake Beach

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Divjaka Beach is one of the best preserved natural beauties of Albania. The sea is shallow and excellent for children and family vacations. Divjaka Beach is a stretch of roughly 15 kilometers of white sand lined by pine forest, and it is a popular seaside destination for thousands of tourists and day-trippers from south-central Albania. The sandy beach is huge (250 m wide from forest edge to water in some areas) and even in peak season, it is possible to walk further up or down and find some privacy.

Sand dunes are situated in the northern part. The dune system is 15 km long and on average 40-50 m wide. The sand dunes are not well developed, their altitude varies from 1 to 2.5 m.

The pine forest of Divjaka covers 1100 ha, 700 ha of which is National Reserve (established in 1966). The east is bordered by agricbeachultural lands and the Karavasta lagoon and in the west by the sandy littoral belt. The ecosystem within the forest is very diverse.

Divjaka beach offers great water sports, eco-tourism, nature lovers and bird watching opportunities.

Getting to Divjake Beach

There is no direct bus or furgon lines between Fier and Divjaka beach. You can drive there (if so, entering the national park with a private vehicle will cost about 200 leke ), take a taxi direct to Divjaka Beach, or by public transportation in either a bus or furgon.

divjaka forest

Direct to Divjaka Beach

You can take a taxi to Divjaka Beach at any Taxi station within the city of Fier. The trip will last about 60 minutes, and the cost is 2500 leke.

Public Transportation: Bus or Furgon:

Fier to Cerma:

  • By bus, take any of the Tirana, Elbasan or Korca buses leaving from Fieri Bus Station. Get off in Cerme (a traffic circle just south of Rrogozhine and north of Lushnje). The trip will last about 45 minutes and the cost is 200 leke (one way)
  • By furgon, take any of the furgons, going to Tirana. Get off in Cerme, (a traffic circle just south of Rrogozhine and north of Lushnje). The trip will last about 30 minutes and the cost is 200 leke (one way)

Cerma to Divjake:
You must change bus or furgon at Cerma. Cross the highway to the road that goes West and is labeled “Divjake.” Furgons between Cerme and Divjake run until 5pm in winter, until 6pm in spring and fall and until sundown in the summer tourist season. Costs are 50 leke  and it is about 20 minutes to Divjake.

City of Divjake to the Divjaka Beach:
The beach is easy to get to during official summer months (June-August); buses and furgons run every 5-10 minutes from the center of Divjake to the center of the beach. The ride takes about ten minutes and will cost you 50 leke. In the off-season, taxis are readily available in Divjake center, and the ride to the beach will cost you about 500 leke.